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Castle View Farm is proud to partner with double-board certified psychiatrist Dr. Kristin Dawson and the Wild Minds Program.  Dr. Dawson is passionate about mental health and wellness and is on a mission to farm healthier brains.  The Wild Minds program host mindfullness and toga classes on the farm and launches its farm-to-clinic program this 2021 growing season.  Connect with us to learn more...

Mission: Our Mission is to reconnect people with wild things to facilitate mental health and wellbeing. 

Methods to accomplish our Mission:

  • Teach local middle and high school students mindfulness practices at the farm.

  • Teach local educators mindfulness practices at the farm.

  • Provide farm-based yoga classes for outh and adults at the farm. 

  • Distribute articles promoting nature-based interventions formental health and wellness.

  • Distribute podcast content promoting nature-based interventions for mental health and wellness.

  • Pilot farm-to-clinic program delivering CSA produce from Castle Farm to Cardinal Hill Feeding Clinic. 

Why our Mission Matters:

Wild Minds believes that a connection to nature can facilitate healing, can optimize mental health and enrich our lives.  We design mindfulness-based experiences for individuals and communities to experience wild-healing and wild-growth.  Wild Minds also advances nature therapy principles through educational efforts and development of resources. 

Target Audience:

  • Local students and parents, local educators and local health care providers.  

  • Parents, health care providers, and students interested in exploring the healing potential of natural environments.

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